September 7, 2006 10:03am CST
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17 Sep 06
People usually die in their sixtys. Today scientist say people will live to about 74.
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16 Sep 09
there is NOTHING incorrect about Carter's comment. Just to name a few: Pictures of the white house surrounded by watermelons Countless comments about Michelle Obama needing 'hair grease and hots irons' Obama being called an 'Indonesian Muslim Welfare Thug' "Barack the Magic Negro" song The ever mentally challenged Glenn Beck claiming Obama hates white people. Which is utterly ridiculous considering his racial background and the white grandparents that raised him. Those Obama Monkey Dolls During the elections, many of the West VA voters downright admitted Black man (or did they use the term term 'negro') can never be president, and that they weren't voting for a negro. I believe there are clips on Youtube of those interviews. Denying his american citizenship The whole 'pal around with terrorist' and the nasty things people at that Palin rally were yelling about Obama. ...there are just so many examples. The whole issue is suffused is mostly with racism,ignorance, and bigotry- whether forthright or in undertones. You'd have to be blind and naive not to realize this. No one in America wants to fess up to racism. It's like the elephant in the room. Ignoring or or pretending it's not happening won't solve a thing. Former President Carter had the cajones to say 'Hey, racism is real and it's happening and it's being directed towards our President'