June 26, 2016 5:11am CST
It was sports meet in School, which was declared open with the liberation of the white release dove. I enjoyed the sight of the bird being freed. It was inspirational. To me it signified the spirit of freedom and hope. It is indeed a novel and awe inspiring gesture. After many years I attended the sports meet in my College. I was the proud host announcing the events, standing next to the Chief Guest at the formal event. The Chief Guest was about to declare this sports event open with the release of the bird and I was an onlooker at close quarters. The Bird was brought to the spot in a bamboo cage, taken out of the cage. The rubber bands holding its wings and feet together to prevent its premature flight was removed and handed over to the Chief Guest to set it free. He declared the event open by liberating the bird. This time this scenario did not evoke the old emotions. It appeared ironical to me that birds which get released to signify hope, spirit of freedom are initially caged and bound. Once released if the homing pigeons were trained, they go back again to their captor to be tethered. If untrained they might fall prey to some predators. These birds kindle a lot of sentiments in us humans. They inspire us, remind us of our sportsman spirit, but above all ignite the spirit of liberty which we price above all. They inspired the feeling of freedom in us, but paradoxically the birds might be reflecting “You never let me go!”
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@sj3011 (631)
26 Jun 16
Last line "you never let me go".
@shivamani10 (11231)
• Hyderabad, India
26 Jun 16
This is all self-deception. We are leaving those birds just to show that 'we got inspired'