TV Series: The Carrie Dairies

Ithaca, New York
June 29, 2016 9:40pm CST
I have been watching a lot of The Carrie Dairies. It is a good TV series. It is about Carrie from sex and the city before she is Carrie the writer. It all starts out in 1984 going through her high school years. Starting out as a virgin that was trying to figure out life after her mother passing from cancer to figuring out her future that is confusing to her. Even with friends besides her she still gets into some kind of trouble and figuring out how to fix it. A lot of things happen that seems so important becomes nothing and becomes a part of her past but they have changed her in a way that was good for her. Scary things to terrible things nothing is ever become easy. She figures out a lot of new thing about her friends that were secrets but they have came to the light for one reason or another, from one way to another. The group of friends and her circle of friends grow and change over the course of a couple of years. She meets some interesting characters. Some of them is more then the kind that would be some kind of good influence to her but some of them can be viewed as bad influence to her. But they become apart of her life in a big way. They helped her learn thing and change for the better and helped her grow as a person. She becomes a person that would seem to be completely different from what she was a few years before. She was a good virgin girl to a girl with no virginity that is finally realizing her dreams and with some big decisions that were really big and important. She has something that she wanted. A dream to carry her from one life to the life she wanted more then anything else. She enters a world where she has adventures and enters a world that she never thought even existed. She becomes something more then the year before. She start to expediences life in the big city of Manhattan and she begins her life as something bigger then she ever thought to be. She makes memories that she will carry on for years to come. She becomes apart of the fashion world of “Interview” magazine with a interesting boss. She becomes a writer at the magazine and she gets the job there after being an intern for awhile. But it did come at a cost. But it did show her what she is willing to do to become what she wanted to be. A writer. It all began with her moms left over dairies that she left behind with nothing more then empty pages asking for words to frill them up. She learns that the one thing that is most important thing and it is the one thing that could help her solve all problems but they keep coming. The next one seems to be bigger then the last. She gets closer to her dreams.
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