The Poor Will Surprise You Everytime 2

Redlands, California
June 30, 2016 1:58pm CST
Why do we hold these people down? They made mistakes, but is it really necessary to put a boot on their chest? This is a big F U and not sure if the original is punk, but we can say it became punk when this happened. A bum, a dirty filthy piece of human showed more humanity than the ones who lead by example. Punk calls everyone on their BS and that is what I smell here. Luckily we still have decent people who can see though the thick sculls of nonsense.
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@miniam (9233)
• Bern, Switzerland
30 Jun 16
People will always surpise you.
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• Redlands, California
30 Jun 16
One way or another I guess.
@teamfreak16 (41406)
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
1 Jul 16
I used to work in a homeless shelter. Yes, a few actually do like the lifestyle, but most of them just want a chance to get back on their feet. Too bad they are all looked upon as less than human.
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@allknowing (69457)
• India
10 Jul 16
The category 'poor' needs to be redefined. One can be poor in many ways not just by not having money.
@itsmejing (607)
10 Jul 16
there are a lot of nice homeless people around sometimes they are the ones who are helpful
@zarlamain (24885)
• United States
30 Jun 16
Talent has nothing to do with social status. This man is an example of such.