Is it breixt good for Britain?

July 4, 2016 4:02am CST
it is a hot news that breixt are discussed by all people in the world . Is it breixt good for Britain?some people think it is a great loss for Britain ,some people says that breixt have no any effect for Britain .in my opinion,breixt will beats briatain in economy in the short time ,but in the long run ,Britain will find its own way to creat new policy for economy and continue to be better an better .whatever says ,breixt has been an truth ,Britain people should accept this . Brexit or Brixit? in internt,these two words are used .sorry,which is correct?
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• India
4 Jul 16
It is Brexit. Read it like Br Exit and it will be clear. Answering your main question. It was good 1. Britain's main objective was to get rid of illegal migrants and it did. 2. Brexit fuelled freedom of thinking in rest of the Europe. Netherlands might exit as well. Brexit was bad 1. Britain exited from Europe. The remaining countries lost trust for Britain which resulted in decreased demand of Pound. You might have noticed Pound free fall. 2. People started losing trust in currencies and countries like China benefitted. The ugly part (I just hope that this does not take place. Sorry if fellow Brits dislike). 1. Scotland voted against Brexit. Now, Scotland may demand a separate nation causing UK dissolution. 2. It was a close case between 51 - 49%. I am afraid if riots start. 3. The hidden fact. As said by a Pakistani politician, Brexit happened due to Jihad. It is likely that terrorism increases in Britain / the world.
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• Philippines
10 Jul 16
The proper term is Brexit - Britain + exit. as a response to your question, only time will tell. and also, it depends on who are you asking. For the Brits, I understand that they are divided over this, the Europeans are not exactly happy as well as the US. If you are also talking about the ordinary people, it might or it might not since it has its own economic implications. Anyway, it already happened and that's in teh past. They change Brexit for good or worst if they act liek headless chickhen.
@ptrikha_2 (10845)
• India
7 Jul 16
With Brexit, interest of many US companies in Britain as a gateway to rest of the Europe will decrease. This will also impact English Premier League(EPL) where many EU players play in Britain, without any work visa! Germany may benefit in some terms since many British companies might have to compensate for some EU exit related losses for some time. But for India, Britain may open up for some exports since such exports were not allowed/allowed at higher prices due to EU stipulations and now those stipulations would go.
@yugocean (8848)
• India
4 Jul 16
It would be early to say Yes or NO, we have to wait first. All countries will have some effect by Breixt, yet all will go different way.