why there are so many war and terrorist activities; in the world ?is it possible to have a peaceful world without war?

July 4, 2016 4:26am CST
war and terrorist activities never leave us whaterever in the past or nowdays. why ? what is the source of it ? I think the conflict of interest is the most important reason, some group push it in order to seek for their own interest ,the second reason is that there are so many different belief in the world ,the conflict between these belief cause this . of course, ther are still many reasons for the war and terrorist activities, all in all ,i think the most reason is that people could not unsdertand each other ,if all people can have an peaceful heart,if anyone can sit down together to disucuss like in mylot if have conflict ,if anyone can have a idea that we are made of the same element ,you an me are all the same ,so the world will be become an stateless world without war and terrorist? it is an dream,but we should have an dream not only for us but also for our sons and ......
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• India
5 Jul 16
possibility is if we all be a monk,reasons for terrorism is many,most of it is hatered
@zarlamain (24866)
• United States
4 Jul 16
Because the world is filled with people having different beliefs.
@tech40 (10575)
• Philippines
4 Jul 16
Well it's so hard to remove terrorist because there are usually "Different sight in everything" There's negative and positive. There's water and land, Love and Hate Everything has opposite..