Is there anything that goes against the flow....?

@shivamani10 (11169)
Hyderabad, India
July 4, 2016 4:54am CST
As my hobby is to contact old and traditional people seeking for information, discuss things of interest and knowledge bound importance, the recent acquaintance with an old forest man in the forests of Srisailam drove me into a discussion to know whether there is any such thing either in the form of herb or any leave or biological spec that can move against the flow of running water. The old man looked at me from head to toe and asked me to sit in his hut. He lighted a cigar and gave a smile. 'yes, there is one' was the short reply. 'Have you seen it?' was my question. His face became serious and said 'There is only one plant the root of which if taken, at specific point of time, in conjunction with Day and other aspects that can travel against the flow of running water. I have seen it when I was in my 20s. Now I am 87. After a long gap of 67 years I am listening to this question again. This is during that period that herb is capable of changing its location.". the name given by him is not to be found in any dictionary. Of course, this may be in a tribal old language. He picked up another hair like soft strand, applied some water to it and hold it between his thumb and forefinger asking me to observe it. I clearly observed that the strand was rotating in an anticlockwise direction. Though the first one appeared to be a time pass discussion as nothing was materialized with some evidence to give my approval, the latter one really amazed me. Have you ever seen such a root strand which when made wet -rotates in anti-clockwise direction?
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@sukhmani (800)
4 Jul 16
No ,i had never seen a thing like this ..