'The language of love' by one's who can see by their hearts ,but not by their eyes.

Language of love
July 10, 2016 8:38am CST
Hello friends I am from India and i live in Mumbai city.And i wanted to share this real life story with you all.It's an experience which i saw in front of my eyes. A few weeks back i was sitting and waiting for a train on platform.And something i saw in front of my eyes gave me goosebumps and touched my heart.I saw two blind people who were beggars .A women (maybe she was aged 40-40+) a middle aged woman.With a smile on her face she called that man (he was very aged person like maybe 60+ years old). That woman with a smile on her face called that man ,touched and felt his hand and said "Hey,how are you?" .He also felt her hand and said "Hey i am fine" .Both were so happy .They smiled from their hearts,so happy they were.I was touched in my heart by what i saw. They spoke the language of 'love' and they could see each other by their hearts.Yes this is love,true unconditional love.Though they may be strangers from different families and didn't knew each other.They were bound by their hearts and all i could see was the love and relation of a father and daughter.I saw love in 'action' ,not in words. I helped that man to get in train ,as he was struggling to get in and gave him some money.I prayed that may the Lord God change their lives. It came to my mind that "How lucky our life is ,That the Lord God gave us everything and in excess.Still we blame him and never thank him .So though we have everything we are poor .But these people who are not so privileged , they are so rich , since they are happy and satisfied in their hearts ,though their life is full of pain and struggles .That day Lord had opened my eyes and i thanked the Lord who loves us so unconditionally and gives us everything.I learned to thank him each day for every smallest thing he did for me. O give thanks to the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endures for ever. (Psalm 107:1).
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10 Jul 16
That is a very heartwarming story. I'm glad you got to see that and share it with us.
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