Feelings that ruined my thinking

@Absinto (2398)
July 11, 2016 5:05pm CST
So i have this problem. I have feelings for someone that is a total d-bag with me. IT happened a couple months back. We had an intimate relationship, nothing special, just sex but unfortunatly i started getting feelings and try to obscure them but wasnt easy. Three months in and there was alot of bad blood from both sides. We had a huge fight and stopped talking. I hated him and finally thought "now is my chance to try and forget this excuse of a person". But then on our local festival i went out and he offered me a ride to my car. I was a bit tipsy and he proposed a one night stand. He was all sweet and stuff and unluckly for me, i was stupid and let my feelings interfere and i said yes. It was a supposed "friends with benefits". Until i found out that there wasnt even the friend in it. Then he just discarted me again and talks bad about me again. Third time is the charm. I cant let myself fall back into it again. I am an emotional mess and cant figure out how to get out of this horrible funk.
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@sharon6345 (147205)
• United States
11 Jul 16
Time away from him will do it. I was in my own funk for a long while. It's over and trust me it was time away from him that did it.
@Absinto (2398)
• Portugal
11 Jul 16
I sure hope so. Also i am leaving the island for 10 days this Sunday. This might help me much more than i think or at least i hope so.