Awesome weather forecast for today.

@amnabas (10310)
Karachi, Pakistan
July 11, 2016 10:09pm CST
Yeah...... The monsoon season has stuck here in Asian region and thus heavy rainfall going on in various countries. My country is also receiving heavy rain this season. We had some good rain in my city too last week and since then the weather is awesome here we got some pouring and drizzling off and on here . But for today predictions are for extreme rainfall and we people are crazy for this extreme rainy day. I hope we enjoy these advance predictions. How about weather in your neck of wood?
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@mom210 (6782)
• Atlanta, Georgia
13 Jul 16
I love the rain. I have lived in areas with the monsoon season and it does get just a little crazy. i remember trying to hold up the umbrella and it was coming from all directions.
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@sofssu (14448)
12 Jul 16
Its so windy out here.. blowing and topping everything over.. banging doors and windows left open and causing havoc.
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@BelleStarr (39598)
• United States
20 Jul 16
It is very hot here and humid and we still need to get more rain, it is dry.
@ridingbet (57749)
• Philippines
16 Jul 16
we expect for rains but none
@SHOHANA (7167)
• Bangladesh
12 Jul 16
here the rainy days going on, hope you enjoying
@MandyJi (91)
• China
12 Jul 16
The rain has stopped and the weather is mild in my place now , but the weather forecast said it seems to be extreme weather in the next few days.
@ilocosboy (35596)
• Philippines
12 Jul 16
we have rainfall here in our province i hope it wont be typhoon because am afraid of it everything is in the air when there is a typhoon and the sourrondings lots of water and come inside our house
@rina110383 (24074)
12 Jul 16
Been receiving moderate to heavy rain showers for the past weeks