Why should we Write ..?

@shivamani10 (11148)
Hyderabad, India
July 13, 2016 2:14am CST
When I saw a post titled 'why do you like to write?'' something made me to write on why should we write. Really somewhat a tricky question ...no? But, I write for my sake, for others' sake..or as a fancy.. Of course all.. 1. writing makes one perfect 2. writing makes one to think and act 3. writing precedes reading . Hence one should read and understand the things around him 4. One should write to increase one's knowledgte 5. It increases memory power. What you read should be recapitulated and reproduced according to the context; 6. It teaches about life; 7. It teaches one to think ; 8. It gives pleasure; 9. It is an art. It teaches one how to express oneself boldly and explicitly. 10. It brings you money for your standards; 11. It makes a man perfect. In other words, he will be MR. PERFECT
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@beenice2 (2493)
• Canada
12 Mar 17
When you write something down it helps you to remember better.
@Meramar (2728)
25 Jul 16
Interesting point of view. Each person is individual and special. As such, everyone has got his or her own thoughts, ideas and experiences. Writing is the way to share those experience with a wide public able to learn from each other. Many thoughts have left this world without being expressed ever.
@miniam (9219)
• Bern, Switzerland
13 Jul 16
Thanks for a post well explained and well written, i never really thought why l write atleast not all these reasons you gave
@toniganzon (54000)
• Philippines
13 Jul 16
I like to write in my journal as it's my own way of expressing myself. I know I'm not very creative and I don't have any skills in writing, but I like doing it as a hobby.
@cromainer (218)
• Philippines
13 Jul 16
For me writing is a way of my expression, a communication to your own self and a stress reliever. Whatever the reason you write, it's how it please you the way you wanted it.