Believe That the Great is Possible

@Teep11 (7409)
United States
July 14, 2016 12:02am CST
We're given "opportunities" to prosper in some way. If we expect to elevate then we'll have to work in ways that are abnormal. Being great at something can take some time on the otherhand it can come naturally for some. No one can take someone's greatness away. In order to be great one has to surround themselves with those who want to be great as well. It helps to have people around who want to "inspire" and encourage. Some people are discouraged from doing great things. If there's focus on getting better then one will get better at their craft. Being great at something won't happen overnight but it
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@sofssu (20220)
14 Jul 16
You really can't get any where without hard work .. and greatness is not just in reaching big goals alone.. it is in doing things selflessly for others.. I think.
@skysnap (18922)
14 Jul 16
That's true. I live by the quote "everything is going to be all right". :)
• Philippines
14 Jul 16
I don't know, I would feel like being alone. But if being great is you have contributed yourself to the society and they thank you for it, then that's good to be great.
@just4him (136939)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
14 Jul 16
There are a couple ways to be great - man's way and God's way. Man's way means surrounding yourself with yesmen and cozying up to great men. God's way means surrounding yourself with God's presence and allowing him to promote you. I'd rather be great in God's eyes than man's.
@zarlamain (24854)
• United States
14 Jul 16
Okay, now it showed up!