Worn out

July 14, 2016 1:19pm CST
Well I was feeling strong enough today to go with hubby and the kids to get our weekly stuff done usually him and one of my daughter's go but we all went today luckily the store where we shop has those electric wheel chairs for their customer's like walmart does and luckily there was one so that helped me a lot. We went to dollar tree and had a nice lunch at Dairy Queen by the end my leg was starting to flare up as well as my back it was nice getting out for a change but Im worn out so think gonna try an get the rest of the stuff finished then maybe lay down for awhile. Hope every is having a good day.
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@rina110383 (24079)
15 Jul 16
Just started with my Friday few hours ago. I hope it won't be raining hard by the time I leave the office.
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@skysnap (17942)
14 Jul 16
just ended my day and now going off to sleep. you have a good day.
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