walls and friends

July 14, 2016 1:26pm CST
This last quotation on the friendships I'll go day-to-promise! So yes, I had to share you this quote That if I had to choose a quote that describes me was this quote .. "Sometimes we build walls, not to keep people from coming, but to see who cares enough for them to break them" What do you think of this quote? Even you feel that way?   If passed me a good day and I'm not a bit withdrawn myself And my friends there to pick me they just leave me That's how I find out how wrong I thought they were real friends ... I had some friends and when I was in a good mood we really enjoyed unusually I felt really lucky Then came the time I was not really in the mood I had a bad day waiting to run out and they just left me That I did around the walls and they just did not care that it was my own initiative And they have not even tried to talk to me I alienates people like that in my life What about you? Sometimes you also build walls around you?
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@rina110383 (24069)
15 Jul 16
Yes, I do build walls. I guard my heart and protect myself from being hurt.
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@Corbin5 (119167)
• United States
14 Jul 16
I think we build walls to protect ourselves. When I was sick for a very long time, I lost contact with a lot of friends because I could not be an active friend to them.
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• United States
19 Sep 16
A wall is a more permanent way to avoid confrontation or people we do not want to bother us; however I do see the gleam of persuasion when you say if they care enough, they will find a way to break that wall