need help for christmas

November 25, 2006 4:36am CST
i am i know not the only person in need with help at christmas this year and i have never needed to ask for help but this year i need help. i looked after my father who had lung and brain cancer and my other family members didnt help they say they had there jobs i can understand to some point but me and my daughter done it all now i am left with no father for christmas and no mother as she passed away 21yrs ago with breast cancer i have little money left out of my disablity pension for christmas as i am paying for my fathers funeral bill which has to be paid i get no help from other family members so i was wondering if there is any way or some place that will help me give my daughter who i know is 20yrs but she has been through hell to give her something nice for christmas or where i could go hope someone may help me thanks
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