How often did you have experience a hard time from your childhood ?

Hong Kong
July 18, 2016 4:15am CST
I didn't feel that I have experienced any hard time from my childhood even my family wasn't a rich one. I would be happy to look at the street from where I lived and when i saw cars passed by, I would be happy enough. I always pretended that I was a driver driving a car ( with big round object on my hands) and imagine many of the funny things that a kid could think of. I didn't have too many toys with me but feel happy by just playing with my neighborhood kids. I sometimes would receive a big slap on my face from my parents when I was very naughty. However, I didn't feel any deep hurt from those tiny hits since almost every parents from Hong Kong or from mainland China would teaching their kids like that at that time. However, I would consider I have a good time in most of the situation and I missed those good funny childhood once in awhile. How about you ? Share with us ?
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• India
18 Jul 16
you are lucky, but there are many whose childhood are like nightmares. they have to face lots of difficulties to fulfill there basic needs. they have no toys to play. i have seen child search food from garbage boxes and eat.