Ten NOT One-Hit Wonders You Think ARE: Golden Earring (#3)

@FourWalls (15214)
United States
July 19, 2016 10:45am CST
In the world of one-hit wonders there are also people who are not one-hit wonders, but everyone thinks they are. The final two acts in this list will blow your mind when you discover that they actually cracked the top 40 more than once. Just giving you fair warning. Meanwhile, here's today's not-one-hit-wonder act. #3: Golden Earring Part of the problem in people thinking the Dutch band Golden Earring is a one-hit wonder is the long space of time between their two big hits. People who were growing up in the 70s and heard "Radar Love" probably didn't hear their 80s hit; and the people who knew "Twilight Zone" were too young to know the 70s hit. In 1973 Golden Earring hit #13 on the Billboard chart with their classic song about heading home to see one's love. It's one of the great classic driving songs, and hey, any song that gives a shout-out to Brenda Lee ("radio's playing that forgotten song, Brenda Lee's 'Coming on Strong'" -- quick aside, that is a fabulous Brenda Lee song, do yourself a favor and look it up) is okay with me! Golden Earring didn't have a peep in the US again until the MTV era, when their great "story" video to "Twilight Zone" made heavy rotation. Despite the bare breasts edited from the US version, the cool video made "Twilight Zone" a top ten hit. And there was yet one more visit to the top 40 by Golden Earring: 1986's "Quiet Eyes," which peaked at #31 on the charts. Depending on when you grew up, you know one of their classic hits. Hopefully you know both, because they're both great songs. And here's that less popular third hit of theirs:
From the DVD ''The Devil Made Us Do It''
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@teamfreak16 (41407)
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
20 Jul 16
I love the first two hits. I honestly don't remember this one, though.
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@amadeo (73193)
• United States
19 Jul 16
I am not familiar with this at all. Going to check this out.
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@JohnRoberts (62998)
• Los Angeles, California
19 Jul 16
I didn't know Quiet Eyes. It arrived during my alternative years and Golden Earring wasn't alternative.
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