Car insurance

@Jot2me (140)
Adams, Tennessee
July 20, 2016 11:03pm CST
I had to go and get a new insurance policy on my car and was slammed when I found out what it was going to cost. For a minimum coverage policy with a good history what do you consider to be a decent premium?
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• Hangzhou, China
21 Jul 16
I have no idea about a decent premium you have in your place, but I can talk about something related to my own insurance policy in my place. Well, we got out new car two years ago and the moment we got it, we had to buy car insurance. We had some options to choose which kind of car insurance company we prefer according to what is good for us. As we were not familiar with car insurance, we had our best friend for advice and we got one, which was 5000RMB for the first year. The second year car insurance fee was lower as we did not ask our car insurance company for any compensation. If we go on without having any problems with our car maintainence, it should be lower in th fee we have to pay for the insurance next year. Thanks for your nice discussion. Good day.
@Jot2me (140)
• Adams, Tennessee
21 Jul 16
I did opt for the snapshot device that progressive uses. It gives you discounts when you don't brake hard and other safe driving practices.
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• United States
22 Jul 16
i've nary a clue, hon. i know such's utterly ridiculous though. when i bought my truck new back'n '03, full coverage 'twas $280 e'ery 6 months. same truck today? $280 fer jest liability. those insurance folks (includin' medical) ought to be tarred'n feathered fer robbin' folks blind...'n the government fer allowin' 'em to do such.