Got Shocked

@Jefrox (41)
Taytay, Philippines
July 22, 2016 12:27pm CST
Me and my colleague went down to basement parking area lunch time. We standby near his car and while talking we smoke some cigarettes. There's a thrash can besides us and we dumped cigar butts on that can. Suddenly, two security guards blocked our way and they said that smoking is prohibited on that area. We don't see any warning signs or even an alert saying that it's a non smoking area. All of sudden one of the guard took a picture of us without asking permission. My colleague got mad and he yelled the 2 guards. I'm in between them and I just apologized on those 2 people. Finally, we came up that we will not do it again. Thank God!
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@MALUSE (45938)
• Uzbekistan
22 Jul 16
Smoking beside parked cars in a basement parking area doesn't seem a wise idea to me - to put it mildly. There could be some petrol/gas on the floor and you could unintentionally drop a butt in there.
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@Jefrox (41)
• Taytay, Philippines
22 Jul 16
I agree on that that's why I asked for apologized to them.
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@JudyEv (141601)
• Bunbury, Australia
23 Jul 16
That would have been scary. Have you seen the signs now that you know they should be there?
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@velvet53 (17721)
• Palisade, Colorado
14 Aug 17
That could of ended up bad. They need to put signs up for people to see.