Great griefs always come silently.

Moradabad, India
July 24, 2016 12:27am CST
People say that 'Coming events cast their shadows before' but I think it is not so. If shadows are cast , they are so small that we can recognise them.In my opinion , griefs do not come but they directly attack you without pre-information and calamities never come singly. For example the heart failure takes place all of a sudden and the person dies in some minutes.Sometimes the patient dies during the sleep. When we see in the morning, we find him dead.People say that great joys also come silently but I do not accept it because marriage of a person or birthday of a child, they are already well known to everybody. No disease gives any information.Sometimes, Even the doctors die of heart attack. Even the best astrologers can not tell anything before time. It is our responsibility to take care of our health because some symptoms are surely seen before.We should not drink too much, should not use drugs because they are direct invitation to diseases. Thomas Fuller has rightly said-- If you leap into a well , Providence is not bound to fetch you out.
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