Should You Use Sleep Aids?

July 24, 2016 2:27am CST
Popular sleep aids such as Provigil, Ambien and Sonata are proven to be effective in helping patients to sleep. Millions of Americans are having difficulty getting good sleep. They take a long time to fall asleep and frequently wakeup up in the middle, feeling fatigued when they wake up. As a result, sleep aids such as sleeping pills have become one of the biggest selling drugs in the world. They are proven to effectively help you fall asleep faster, deeper and longer when taken with caution. Sleep aids will also improve your next day alertness. But as with all drugs, there are side-effects and some things you should watch out for. First you should not be taking sleep aids if you have a chronic sleeping problem. Sleep aids are made to be used for a short-term period, not for extensive use. Second, before you take drugs, you should watch out for half-life periods. Some drugs have longer periods meaning the drugs will be in your body for a long time causing fatigue and tiredness during the day. As mentioned above, sleep aids are not for long-term use. Extensive use or over dose of sleep aids will make you dependent on the drugs, giving you more serious sleep problems. As with all drugs, sleep aids do have side effects you have to watch out for. We're very proud of the resources here, because we've taken the time to check out each and every website featured to make sure they are quality sites, with quality information.
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