Federal powers have been curtailed by the Center in India?

@shivamani10 (11229)
Hyderabad, India
July 25, 2016 10:34pm CST
The Chief Minister of Bengal Smt Mamta Banerjee worrying a lot and she raised more concern about the Federal powers of the State Governments being curbed by the Center and is planning to raise the issue in the Parliament making the consultations with other parties. She felt that the National Portal Scheme is not functioning and the National Scholarships to the Minorities under a central scheme has not been reaching for a year now. She urged the Centre to allow the states to disburse the amounts through a state-run portal. There is no wonder to aspire for distribution through state-fun (better we call it like that ) portal in the interest of minorities. But, there is a limit for this. I just wonder how many state Governments have furnished the Utilisation certificates for the money released by the Central Government under various schemes? It is actually a must for getting further releases from the Centre. My experience has tought me that never they furnish the U.Cs in time and sometimes they do not furnish. Not to mention many, let us talk about the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan . Funds are being released by the Centre towards this scheme to various state Government. Each and every financial year the Centre has been asking for Utilisation certificates which the State Governments do not furnish at all. The State run machinery meant for this purpose proved to be highly corrupt and the amounts have been misused to as maximum as possible. The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi if digs the issue the number of scams committed and the officers and beneficiaries booked under this scheme will be known to the public. The State Governments not giving even a matching share under this scheme and whatever the funds are being received are being swallowed by the States. If the States Government are given powers to distribute the scholarships through state-run portal it will be nothing allowing the States to go for all out corruption. Her urge for distribution of this and such powers should never be encouraged and she must be asked to account for the releases made by the Centre under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan first. She must also be asked to first to furnish information a. How many U.Cs have been furnished under the scheme and how many are pending b. the reasons for not furnishing the U.C c. The number of cases pending against the officials involved in the misuse of funds under the scheme d. How much of the matching share has been contributed by the Bengal government so far and still how much is pending? e. The number of Toilets that have been completed by the Bengal Government in their schools. f. The amounts that have been released by the Center towards the construction of toilets in the schools and how this was utilized by the Bengal Government? g. the number of toilets that have been proposed in each of their annual proposals and how many have been completed. The above scheme is just sufficient to reveal how the funds released from the Centre are being misused by the State Governments with special reference to Bengal.
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