Does books necessarily make people wise ?

November 25, 2006 5:44am CST
My best friend was a bad tempered one . His temper was just the opposite of his true nature and attitude . I observed him very closely . We had sharp differences in opinions on several isseues . But equally conversant were our views on most of the social issues . Our differences stemed from different angles of our looking at the same issue . Yet I could not always digest his temper shown to others . But between ourselves there was no altercation . He had been a voracious reader by then. He always offered me to read to . But I did not do . However his selection of books had no definitive pattern . But once I abserved that he took to some spiritual readings . Gradually it became his only choice . Don't think he changed his style of dressing , style of talking or the like falls under outward appearence. But he gradually grew internally . He started self analysing and to be more specific he atrted a new journey into himself .It is still on .Within a span of three years he has gotten rid of his temper . It is because he has recognised the weaknesses in his thoughts and views . Now he has much control over his sentiments . I CAN CLAIM TO HAVE A FRIEND WHO IS MUCH HIGHER IN THOGHTS THAN MANY ESTABLISHED SPIRITUALISTS . This is result of reading .
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