Right age for a girl's marriage can be revised upwards to 23 or 25

@kalyani1 (183)
September 7, 2006 12:30pm CST
Most girls go to work to earn money after graduation i.e. after 20-21 years It is better that they earn and enjoy the money, leisure, respect and also comfort and get satisfied about their pride and then become bride These two- three years before marriage will be heaven for the girl as well as parents. The girl enjoys freedom, moves around with people, learns a lot of things, has money, confidence most important she need not do any household work when she is with her parents. She is just equivant to a boy. For parents, they just get relaxed and start saving a lot of money for their daughter's marriage and they become proud of their daughers. Their anxity about their daughter's furture life becomes much more positive, as they start to belive that their daughter can stand on her own leg. Hence, right marriageble age for girl is 25 years. Do you agree
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