ACH 250.00 Pesos

@Jefrox (41)
Taytay, Philippines
July 29, 2016 5:57pm CST
I started using Paypal back in 2013 for different online jobs that I have. Card that was linked to my account was totally convenient for me. When I focus for my full time employment as an employee, I cannot concentrate anymore for those various online jobs. Recently, I tried to withdraw my remaining balance on my Paypal account then after 5 days, it was rejected. They told me that my bank information was invalid. I never changed anything on my account. I called my bank immediately and same thing, my information still identical but they don't have any idea about the rejected transaction I've encountered. Oh my! $5 is still money and cannot get it back anymore. Whenever I emailed the Paypal support regarding my concern, they always sent me an article only. I need a live person that I can email not a robot. Don't have option to call them abroad, I don't have landline. What should I do?
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