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@ricki_911 (20073)
Toronto, Ontario
August 3, 2016 1:12pm CST
My manager called and said the meeting is mandatory and any issues we currently have will be address. My issue was favourtism. The manager who does the scedule, sister works for the company. The only reason she got the job was that her mother came in and talked to her mother (this lady is back stabbing and manipulating). I met with the manager because this 18 year old couldn't do her position and I was picking up the slack when I ignored her. She then whined to her sister, who then would call yelling at us. I noticed on the schedule I asked for more hours she cut my hours, and gave them to her sister.Funny how that works. Considering they just got an apartment together. She kept calling her sister in(only when she was working),claiming it was busy. She not once called me or the other girl to see if we would come in. I said that it statein the policy you cannot work with relationships (such as family, dating, etc).Yet,every shift they work together so her sister can make sure to baby her.
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@yukimori (9098)
• United States
3 Aug 16
If your store has a corporate office, you would be better off jumping right over their heads and addressing the issue directly with Human Resources. With how unprofessionally that manager is behaving, I wouldn't doubt that there will be some sort of direct retaliation against you for addressing the issue during this meeting.
@ricki_911 (20073)
• Toronto, Ontario
3 Aug 16
This is what I mentioned to another girl who works there. I said she will most likely know we will bring it up.They are allunder 23 in this store but myself, the one manager who is 27, and my friend who is 47.