A lovely evening with the small fry.

@marguicha (104310)
August 3, 2016 8:31pm CST
Claudia came this evening with Sofía. She had to go to see some legal stuff with my brother so she left Sofía with me. At the beginning, she wanted Claudia to give her a tablet but soon she forgot and she went to check the toys she has here. While she played with some wooden blocks I asked her if she liked lemon meringue pie. She did and later on I gave her other yummy things to eat that were actually food but did not looked like one. She had a cheese and ham sandwich, some salame and 2 pieces of pie. My daughter said that she would not worry about gettinmg dinner for her. When Claudia came back, we had coffee with sandwichs and Claudia ate the remaining piece of pie. Later Vicente was brought here by his father and I let him have my tablet. It was next best to getting permission to download free a pokemon go game. I suppose all chilean boys and girls were getting it as he couldn´t. He´llhave to wait and my tablet was saved from pokemons.
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@TRBRocks420 (84694)
• Banks, Oregon
4 Aug 16
Sounds like a pretty good day to me.
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@marguicha (104310)
• Chile
4 Aug 16
It was.
@LadyDuck (183312)
• Switzerland
4 Aug 16
So the crazy Pokemon Go mania has arrived in Chile too. It seems that not only kids are playing.