In every corner of my life I have been drawn closer to the Lord.

Dallas, Texas
August 5, 2016 9:29am CST
I was riding on a bus one day home from middle school. A woman looked up at me as I got off at my stop and asked me, "You look like you are close to God." I was thinking about God while riding on the bus. It was as if she was reading my mind. I had a job at a warehouse, a blue collar order puller and a man came up to me, who was one of the order fillers there and he asked, "Anthony, would you like to do some bible study with me?" I replied, If you want to. I am willing to listen." I was working at a job at Sears on Lamar Street, and this group of 4 young men and women had just been given a job there and all four of them were working in my department, Part Lot. We ordered duplicates to replace missing items in customer catalog orders and helped with the mixed packers and sorters and those in the billing offices. I was instructed to teach one of them the ropes and she was one of the four young people who were sent there to work as part of their job skills program with CFNI aka Christ For The Nations Institute. I joined a chess club at the local recreation center in Kiest Park and while I met new people there and we all learned how to play chess and become better players the owner and director of the Royal Crown Chess Academy of Dallas, Texas, was a Christian Minister by the name of Mr. Ballard. He spent time with each of us once every session by reading passages from the Holy Bible. It was his way of incorporating both the game of chess and the lessons from Holy Scriptures to enrich everyone's lives. I married a woman who as a child attended Of Reverend Skelton, from Victory Tabernacle. She was named after a woman's first child from a church called the Gospel Lighthouse. We were married in 1986. We live in the old house that former Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit grew up in, whose parents sold the house to my wife's mother and it was passed on down to her. The man next door was a Reverend, Joseph Thurman. I became an online writer for Yahoo! Contributor Network several years ago and started writing online from that point on. I had already been writing online on my personal home page years earlier. Once I joined the writers at Yahoo! Voices through Yahoo! Contributor Network, I made a friend with Vincent who is a chemist as well as a Christian, specifically a Jehovah's Witness. He followed me through my early years of writing and offered good comments and I began reading his articles. From there I moved on to Bubblews and Vincent was also there. He was a positive influence in my online life and continues to be to this very day. I want to thank all the Christians in my life, who have continued to motivate me in a positive way and help keep me on the right path to goodness and kindness and compassion to my fellow man. My Father was converted to Catholic Faith and I was born and baptized Catholic. I have friends who are both Protestant and Catholic and Jehovah's Witnesses, and frankly I have had a more well rounded life because of their faith and their good nature. It rubs off on me and makes me a better person for it. It seems as if thought all of my life I have been drawn into God's Kingdom by his faithful followers on this earth to be part of my world.
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@Corbin5 (109158)
• United States
5 Aug 16
Thanks for sharing this with us. An uplifting discussion for sure!
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• Dallas, Texas
6 Aug 16
I wanted to share some of my own experiences with everyone. I am by no means the perfect example but I try sometimes to be better.
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@UncleJoe (10237)
• Virginia Beach, Virginia
6 Aug 16
The Bible says that we are known by the fruit we bear. You obviously reflect God's love.