Grandma Dies Saving Children From Sex Offender

By Lola
@Lolaze (3164)
United States
August 5, 2016 2:21pm CST
A grandmother was stabbed to death when she stopped a convicted sex offender from attacking her 7 and 8 year old grandchildren. The man had lured the boy and girl into an alley by claiming he was looking for a lost drone. When the grandmother intervened, the man stabbed her in the heart and also stabbed the 7 year old boy. The grandmother died at the hospital while the 7 year old survived. The 29 year old convicted sex offender is in police custody.
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@inertia4 (27679)
• United States
5 Aug 16
That is a sad story. A horrible story. They should put that guy on national television and torture him for the entire world to see. Some people are just plain animals.
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@NJChicaa (42654)
• United States
5 Aug 16
What a horrible story. That poor woman. So glad the little boy was okay.
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@marie42 (982)
• Shreveport, Louisiana
5 Aug 16
OMG, that is so terrible.
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@louievill (18975)
• Philippines
5 Aug 16
If that happened in the Philippines, this guy would be summarily executed without the benefit of trial especially under the new administration we have right now.
• Guernsey
5 Aug 16
Thats horrible... scary people out there you should really be carefull. This grandma is a hero R.I.P
@sugartoes (41248)
• Greencastle, Indiana
5 Aug 16
OH that is so sad to hear, glad to hear he got caught & in custody HOPEFULLY they won't just turn him lose like their KNOWN for at times for it to happen again.
@nomus24g (23783)
• India
5 Aug 16
this is horrible...where is this society heading