Knowing that smoking kills...Why do u keep smoking?

United States
November 25, 2006 9:13am CST
If we know that smoking can take us out of the game ..a little earlier than we expect..Why do u continue to do it? Me, I smoke black and milds everynow and then..I'm not gonna say I have an addiction, but I will say that I enjoy smoking at times... I like the whole process of loosening the tobacoo and getting out my zippo and the methodical way I inhale and exhale..(crazy huh?) Besides it works as a screensaver...If your just standing around waiting on the can sit there and twiddle your thumbs,play with your hair..or kick back ..lean up against a wall and light up your smoke. Why do u smoke?
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• United States
28 Nov 06
i smoke because it makes me feel comfortable
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• Pakistan
25 Nov 06
i know that so i dun smoke
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@yainal (1729)
• Germany
25 Nov 06
well.. i just wanna smoke.. ^_^
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@greenmango (1019)
• Philippines
13 Dec 06
bcoz we are human with flesh and blood we made human born to make mistake like smoking haha