I suddenly don't like him - if he can't listen

@ricki_911 (20070)
Toronto, Ontario
August 6, 2016 6:36pm CST
My friend invites this guy she met on a dating site. She has went out with him a few times, and I had just met him today. She acts dumb and stupid around him. He just irritates me and I really can't figure out why or how. So I told him repeatedly that the dog I am petsitting is dog aggressive. She may be fine but since they are not my dogs. I told him to wait outside while I put the food we got away. Now I only assume my friend figured he would come up and stay here. No way would I meet him today and he stay here. So what does this idiot do bring his dog in the house. Well the one dog got aggressive and tried attacking the dog. Meanwhile at the festival he just lets his dog run up to other dogs.He just doesn't see the issue. Next thing he's all like I need to find a motel for US meaning my friend and him.I thought I invited her over and then you show up here. I am just annoyed about all of it. He then couldn't understand that he can't just bring his dog to any hotel room.I thought you are beyond stupid and rude. Why he brought his dog is beyond me then he pulls all this. So now I came back to the house while petsitting as the two of them got a camp site with the dog. I thought wow I could never do that. I get a text asking to go drink wine with them.I said no I need to arrange the house for when the people come home tomorrow really I just don't want to deal with him. He is a flakey type and almost manipulating.I can't explain it,but he just talks about being in the army, and from the past. This is the same guy who planned a date with her, and ended up 4 hours away telling her to drive two hours like it is nothing. She allpuppy eyes oh I love you after three dates.
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@TheHorse (74635)
• Walnut Creek, California
6 Aug 16
I'd be miffed too. Does she tend to get all goo goo over idiot guys easily?
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@jstory07 (72141)
• Roseburg, Oregon
6 Aug 16
That guy does not sound good at all. She should not go out with him again.
@ricki_911 (20070)
• Toronto, Ontario
6 Aug 16
I think she will learn the hard way. She's all giggle and laughing with him. I think she is looking for a man in all the wrong ways. She will drop everything for a man then get upset in a week or two when they disappear. Both of them are posting on facebook how they found the right one, and in love yet he flaked on her at the beginning of the week.