Having Some fun

photo belongs to Tanikka Paulk
@Teep11 (7195)
United States
August 7, 2016 12:22am CST
I'm so happy to be me. It's so fun. All of the adventures that come along with blogging. Thinking back when I earned my degrees from AIU. What a proud moment. Yes indeed. The fun times before and after. Of course there's the not so fun times but no need to ponder about the not so fun times. We would do more things years ago but hopefully a fun trip will be planned in the near future. My goodness times flies whether we're having fun or not. Thank God I never smoked that's just disgusting and no fun at all. Thank goodness I never did drugs in my life. How can anyone think that doing drugs is fun? It's no fun when people insist that I change my skin color but it is fun thinking how crazy it is for people to think that that's possible. Oh my goodness. A big wow! It's fun to be able to work on my craft in peace. Oh what fun. Yes indeed. The fun will continue. Just thinking about the fun is so cool to me (Tanikka Paulk).
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@paigea (22615)
• Canada
17 Aug 16
It sounds like you are enjoying life. I hope you get a nice trip soon.
@skysnap (18041)
7 Aug 16
Good to hear that you are having fun. Enjoy your sunday.
@TRBRocks420 (84350)
• Banks, Oregon
7 Aug 16
Glad to hear you are having a fun time and, some people are crazy lol.
@cpefley (1699)
• Hemet, California
7 Aug 16
Those are things to be very proud of!