Is there any answer from Democrats...?

@shivamani10 (11229)
Hyderabad, India
August 7, 2016 11:55pm CST
In the U.S Presidential elections the Democrats are pointing out each and every movement of Mr. Donald Trump. Starting from the frequency and nature of the speech of his volunteers even to the wear. They are releasing press announcements on the statements purported to have been made by Mr. Trump. But, there are only a few questions for democrats to answer 1. Why the Payment of $400 million was made to Iran? 2. What was the agreement made with the Iran Government at that time ie. 1979? 3. Under which part of the agreement the amount was paid? 4. Why the content was not revealed to the Public and was dodged for all these years? 5. Why the Democrat Candidate who was former Secretary of the State and with 31 of stay in the Government had not revealed it earlier? 6. with the amount paid to Iran don't they think that at least one of the 10 grand election promises made to the citizens of U.S should have been fulfilled? 7. Why the earlier Presidents have not paid the said money to Iran? 8. Why the U.S still saying that the amount was not paid to Iran when the Democrats candidate had stated that the amount paid was a part of the Agreement? 9. Still for how many years the politicians cheat the public ?
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