Which one is difficult, Writing or Speaking?

@shivamani10 (11187)
Hyderabad, India
August 8, 2016 5:14am CST
I find people speaking with eloquence on public platforms, some speaking slowly but steadily and a few with many toppings to their speech citing examples, jokes, comments recollecting the event, dates and what not, But, at the same time there are also persons who are always afraid of speaking, leave alone the public speaking even in a small group. Even then, he too can speak some words if he is forced and if the circumstances necessitate. All the above three categories can manage the things and can get out of the situations using, at least words of daily usage, some quotations, examples, comments and counter comments in between their speech . Coming to a writer, he should first have the habit of reading, keeping it in memory that he has read, and recapitulating the read. The power of expression, however, good he may be will always depend on the nature of the chosen topic for writing. He may be a walking dictionary with good expression, memory, and recapitulation but when he is asked to write an article on a scientific topic he has to limit his writing covering only the subject instead of bombastic language and words. He has to confine himself only to the expression and choose the language which can be understood by even persons of no knowledge of science. The eloquent speaker reaches common men in millions and billions. But it is alwlays the common man who decides the weight and the quality of his speech without any chance for interpretation by the educated mass. A writer reaches a commoon man in billions though, it can be only through educated only who are capable of interpreting the content and influence the common man and here the writer can be caught easily for his flaws. An Orator or public speaker will always have the right and have the scope of denying his own speach just by 'No, I did not say it', 'I did not mean it", 'it is a fabricated to defame me' etc. Is there any such chance for a writer?
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@sprite1950 (14496)
• Corsham, England
8 Aug 16
Speaking is far more difficult because once something is said it cannot be undone so any mistakes are there permanently. He may say he did not say it but speeches are often recorded these days so the proof is just as damning as the written word, especially with regard to politicians. A writer has far more time to sit and think and write and rewrite and make sure what he is saying cannot be misconstrued. Of course he can still make mistakes and once it's there he can't deny he said it. I suppose they are both difficult to an extent.
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@sabtraversa (13331)
• Italy
8 Aug 16
Writers must be perfect, public speakers are allowed to do mistakes because "we can relate", it's hard to think of what to say in a really short time. I think that's the main difference. Then most people are too lazy to read and they prefer to listen. That's all though, because some written articles can be boring to read, there are spoken monologues which aren't well thought or performed and will cause people to fall asleep. And viceversa. Some technical topics can be written in a manner that allows many people to understand the content, through metaphors and similitudes, for example. I'm shy and awkward when it comes to speaking in public, so I'd rather write, although I won't be able to defend myself in case I did a mistake or my words were misunderstood. There's a good and a bad side in everything.
@skysnap (18040)
8 Aug 16
I think both can be diffcult to some extent.