Should human try to do ' interstellar ' like space travel in the future?

Delhi, India
August 9, 2016 1:36pm CST
I was very much fascinated after seeing the movies interstellar. I thought that as negative energy,which is essential for a wormhole travel has been formed in our science laboratory so in the future they should try to produce it in a much large quantity which may make such a journey a possibility .
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@skysnap (19406)
9 Aug 16
I think defnitely and that would be good for all of us.
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@sofssu (22918)
10 Aug 16
Maybe we could spend our resources caring for what we have ( our planet Earth) and making it livable for future generations.
• Delhi, India
10 Aug 16
That is a great option.
@zarlamain (25312)
• United States
10 Aug 16
That would be quite the adventure for those researchers and scientists.
@grvdubey11 (1881)
• India
9 Aug 16
Negative energy can be created in labs via quantum effects but the amount of negative energy to open a wormhole and to keep it that way is huge. Producing that amount of energy is nearly impossible, hence such travel is possible theoretically but not practically.
@bsrikumar (151)
• Chennai, India
9 Aug 16
Yes.. Definitely