MD Unemployment

Windsor Mill, Maryland
August 10, 2016 11:57am CST
Would someone please tell me what the point of Unemployment Insurance is? Because I thought I knew what the purpose was, but apparently it's not. The system is supposed to protect people like me, but through glitches and selfishness, I, who generally follows the rules, am NOT getting the assistance that I need. I started with 2 part time jobs - one as an adjunct professor, and one as a "vision therapist." I liked both jobs equally, despite the doctor's training methods.One quarter, my school offered me 4 classes - I had to take them, even though I wouldn't be available to work in the doctor's office on the nights I had been assigned. Why? The money. Working 2 jobs is exhausting, so I ended up calling out of the weekend doctor's office shifts fairly often; enough for it to be considered "absenteeism." In my mind, the separation was mutual. Apparently it was not. Because I was "fired" from the doctor's office, I was unable to receive ANY benefits, including those earned from my school. Now, the unemployment office is telling me that because I did not make enough at the school, including my "penalty charges" from Dr. Kocklicker's "terms of separation" discrepancy, I am STILL UNABLE TO RECEIVE ANY BENEFITS. So if I don't qualify for unemployment benefits, who in the hell does!?
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• New Delhi, India
10 Aug 16
Insurance for unemployed people, nice idea
• Windsor Mill, Maryland
10 Aug 16
It would be nice if that money would go to the people who don't abuse it
@JohnRoberts (65315)
• Los Angeles, California
10 Aug 16
I did because I was part of a mass company layoff. There was no way benefits could be denied me. But you have to be careful about earning any money. Many years ago, I did a temp job whose earnings I dutifully reported (you can stretch the benefit time) and I got cut off on the claim "I quit a job" and they simply didn't comprehend what a temp job through a temp agency means.