never talk religion or politics or how i learned to stop worrying and love the insanity

@tomford (138)
Richmond, Virginia
August 13, 2016 9:27am CST
If you dont want to know how crazy your friends are dont talk religion or politics. i try to be fair i dont consider myself a fanatic, im somewhat spiritual not too much. im somewhat liberal but i can appreciate some ideas from conservatives and listen to what they have to offer. the problem comes when people start in with crazy talk that makes me eye the door and contemplate the alternate exits. in politics i've heard people call others morons, or insane or sheep for believing in one party over another there is no compromise in religion i've heard the super pious talk in absolutes with no thoughts on logic and common sense and look down on those that dont believe the same as them.
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@CinnamonGrl (6074)
• Paradise, California
13 Aug 16
I really don't discuss those things on myLot. I like to talk about interests and the little every day events. I did answer one religious vs. spiritual discussion, and responded at two somewhat political posts, but I agreed with the poster on the political ones and jsut wanted to reassure them "me too." I will never sit and argue about this stuff, not worth it.
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@rebelann (43122)
• El Paso, Texas
13 Aug 16
I haven't a clue why people always want to share their opinions about either religion or politics with their friends, those never mix well. I wonder why those with the pious attitude think they're so much better than others?
• United States
13 Aug 16
It's never been an issue for me. I love talking politics and religion. I've got friends from numerous beliefs and whether you agree with my own or not doesn't phase me. We need to embrace our differences and agree to disagree at times. The problem in the world today, everyone believes what they think is "right" I have plenty people telling me what I should think and believe. Especially with my covering the political field this year. I've been called everything under the sun and at the end of the day, I'm okay with who I am and what I believe and want for the world. That's good enough for me.
@skysnap (18049)
13 Aug 16
Yes if you skip facebook drama, religion and politics, there is a lot of good things to see.