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Hyderabad, India
August 14, 2016 9:51am CST
This is a strange event performed only in India. It is my opinion. The word PUSHKAR means 12 years. It is a belief that the Angels prefer to take a bath in selected rivers in India once in 12 years. It goes by rotation. process. Every river will get this PUSHKAR. Once it is over for the river Godavari the next day it comes to the river Krishna . There are twelve such rivers in India that get Pushkar. They are Ganga River Narmada or Reva River Saraswati Yamuna or Jamna Godavari Krishna Cauvery or Kaveri Bhima or Bhimarathi River (Tambrapani) Pushkaravahini (Brahmaputra) Tungabhadra Sindhu or Indus Parineeta (Sapranitantasi) (Pranahita) Each year One River is selected. One year because our 1 year is equal to one day for the Angels as per the Hinduism. This is also proved by Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Our late parents , Grandparents , and Great Grandparents , who are on equal footing with the Angels also come take their dip. They also search whether any person in their generation is offering food for them. So, offering food to these Angels is very important. When any person in the generation offers food to his ancestors they have it and bless him and his family. The offering of the food is known by the name 'PINDA PRADANAM' Is there any such tradition with some similarities in your country?.
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@TRBRocks420 (82677)
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16 Aug 16
Very interesting. I never knew this and, no it's not here, that I know of.