Do you actually do myLot offers?

@Joel7050 (125)
Singapore, Singapore
August 14, 2016 5:43pm CST
I've personally tried to do myLot offers. I've completed one that required email sign up, but the next few from the same company never registered, so I deleted them. I was also unable to complete any other offers, so the most I've done from a total of 8 offers is 1. Still, 26 cents isn't bad compared to usual myLot earnings. I'm wondering if anyone else actually does the offers too or simply uses myLot to discuss and chat.
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@Macarrosel (7551)
• Philippines
15 Aug 16
I did the survery when I first signed up here but it's not worth it so I stopped.
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@rina110383 (24095)
14 Aug 16
I did one survey during my first week. It's time consuming.
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• India
16 Aug 16
I have done one offer. Rest 2 available offers not suitable for me.
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@CinnamonGrl (5807)
• Paradise, California
14 Aug 16
Nah I took a quick look and they're just like the offers at most sites. The descriptions are misleading and you're taken down a long, lonesome trail . I get frustrated with I just stick to the yakking.
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@Juilee (459)
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
19 Aug 16
I never do them especially surveys. It's rare that you will get a survey that you are actually qualified. As for other offers, they are usually long and tedious and they don't pay much.
@ChrisH09 (280)
• Trinidad And Tobago
16 Aug 16
I had a look at them but found the rewards too low. I know mylot itself does not pay much either but its much more fun just interacting here with others than doing those boring offers which they have available.