Lost and found....

@amnabas (10311)
Karachi, Pakistan
August 17, 2016 10:06pm CST
Yesterday my daughters teacher asked my daughter to bring her school ID card by tomorrow. As she is only six so naturally I take care of her belongings. Therefore I searched it in the drawer where usually I keep the papers. The I'd card is for pick and drop purpose it was issued in May I have not used it until now as I have fixed van for this purpose. Anyways I was searching for the card but I couldn't found I kept sorting out closets,, drawers and divider but useless. At last I gave up and went to sleep. Today morning I was sorting out the litter for garbage man and I found a small hand made clutch which was gifted by school to my little one for her last result. I was about to throw it and unintentionally I looked inside and guess what the I'd card was there. I was like thank GOD. The lost and found incident is always memorable isn't it?
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• Philippines
18 Aug 16
That was a total close call there my friend, it's a good thing you gave a closer look...
@hereandthere (33013)
• Philippines
18 Aug 16
true. a lot of things get accidentally thrown in the trash.
@jstory07 (71158)
• Roseburg, Oregon
18 Aug 16
At least you found the missing Id and you were happy. I wonder how it got there.
@sharon6345 (142006)
• United States
18 Aug 16
That was good that you found it. Good job.