My Top 25 Elvis Songs: For Lovin' Me (#23)

@FourWalls (14673)
United States
August 18, 2016 9:57am CST
Elvis Presley was such a cultural phenomenon as well as a great singer. That's one of the things we tend to forget about our cultural icons: back in the old days, before the internet and video and hype, they actually had to rely on talent to become as popular as they did. Sinatra, the Beatles, and Elvis were -- and still are -- testaments to that fact. Here's my next song on my countdown of 25 favorite Elvis songs. #23: For Lovin' Me This is also one of my favorite Gordon Lightfoot songs and one of my favorite Waylon Jennings songs. Yeah, this song's been around the block a few times. One of the things I really like about Elvis' version is that he more or less sang it straight. He didn't try to make it into "an Elvis song," leaving the beauty of the original melody intact. Some of Elvis' stuff was way over the top, especially his covers of very well-known song. Not here. He did it right. For Lovin' Me Written by Gordon Lightfoot From Elvis, 1973 Elvis does Gordon Lightfoot! The legend lives on from Graceland on down :
(That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me recoreded March 15, 1971. RCA Studio B (Words & music by Gordon Lightfoot) Lyrics: That's what you get for loving me That...
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@teamfreak16 (41175)
• Colorado Springs, Colorado
18 Aug 16
This was a win-win for me. My girlfriend's first concert was Elvis, and she likes Gordon Lightfoot!
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@amadeo (70423)
• United States
18 Aug 16
yes,Elvis started out good and then down hill from there.A wasted young talent.
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@JohnRoberts (60971)
• Los Angeles, California
18 Aug 16
Elvis was a great singer who sort of squandered his talent at the end. He slopped through covers. The spirituals were his most serious efforts at this stage.
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@franxav (5423)
18 Aug 16
He had talent, he worked hard, he got the support of good musicians. All this played their role in making Elvis so popular. But I think he was a product of his time. The sociopolitical situation of his time may have contributed to his popularity. I may be wrong and I'll be glad to be corrected.
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