What do u think is the most precious gift for the special persons in our lives ??

Kolkata, India
August 20, 2016 6:51am CST
This question used to bother me a lot ever since my childhood.The special person status kept changing with passage of time.Sometimes i felt that a good chocolate or an ice-cream treat would best suit my purpose.After that when i grew up a bit and got to know about gifting somewhat clearly,i was of the opinion that an expensive gift would best serve my purpose.Then i grew up and at some point felt that a unique gift,custom made and costly can be a better option.But,now when i think of all that i just feel how fool i was looking for buying gifts for the special persons in my life when i already have something which is invaluable & just perfect for the special one's,in fact we all have that with us but we don't consider it as a gift,really sad..hope u can figure it out as i did..
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@MALUSE (46042)
• Uzbekistan
20 Aug 16
I've never thought that an expensive gift would be best. I was raised by my mother to think that something made by myself was the most valuable gift.
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@sabtraversa (13379)
• Italy
20 Aug 16
Time. I believe our time is the most precious gift we can give, because it isn't something we can get back. Time can be our presence, or it can be something we made while thinking of our dearest ones.
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• Kolkata, India
21 Aug 16
Very well said !!that was exactly the answer i was looking for.God bless.
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