John Walker and another of his days in the 21st Century. Part 1 Call From Central
Dallas, Texas
August 20, 2016 6:34pm CST
John and a few of his buddies from the Space Academy at Scientex were at a local bar having Shiners and listening to Robin Trower 'Twice Removed From Yesterday' and it was 2 AM in the City. The year was 2019 and it was a Clear Summer past midnight. They were not going anywhere out in space at this moment. For the time being they were Officers of Local Law Enforcement, The Southwest Detail. Other than the usual terrorism stakeouts in the local area, it was safe enough to spend a few hours chilling out with friends and taking a few hours off work. But being on call 24/7 made it hard to make plans for the weekend. John, Adam and Jake were checking out their ipads for e-mail and official notifications from Central Dispatch. It was hardly a new normal for people to have to be in their houses and apartments at curfew hour 10 PM unless otherwise given special consideration as the law officers of the Southwest Precinct were and all security details working the graveyard shift. "I could use a little more of this home made meat loaf", said Adam, taking the last bite with his hand and licking it off and finishing it with the last of his Shiner Bock Dark Lager. Jake got an urgent message on his smart phone. "John, you and Adam won't like this but we have to go meet Parker for a new assignment in Downtown on Main street." The three of them gathered their guns and jackets and headed out to the Black Hummer parked in the back alley of The Angry American, their main hang. John got in the back seat and Jake and Adam got up front. Jake had the wheel. Adam contacted Central Dispatch, "What's going on Parker?" James Parker replied, "I think you will want to see this for yourselves. Get here ASAP!" Parker smoked his cigar from Cuba. A rare treat. He stood on the roof top of Second Main Place Tower. The object in question was a glowing white metallic cube about 4 feet by 4 feet that was emitting some kind of pulse of electro-magnetic energy. Two Scientex Investigators used their instruments to scan the object. Up to now there was nothing to detect. whatever was inside this glowing white cube remained, at least for the moment, a complete and utter mystery. What was more significant was the man who lay on the ground a few yards away from the cube. The man wore all white. He appeared to be sleeping and he had a strange glow about him as well. The man appeared to be old. He had white long hair several inches down below his shoulders. He had a white beard and thick white eye brows. He looked like he was a hundred years or older. Instruments used to scan the stranger's body indicated he was alive but seemed to be in some kind of a coma. Nobody knew anything about this but Parker and his 2 forensic investigators and the soon to arrive team of 3. The sky was quite clear and stars barely visible from the bright lights of the center of the city. There was a cool breeze blowing up on the 87th floor of Two Main Plaza Tower. It was unusually quiet. Being up this high you couldn't make out the sirens of local fire fighters passing across Main street from the streets below. John, and his two team mates were on the elevator now. They continued to ascend to the roof top of Tower Two with no expectations of what the mysteries of the night would soon bring. to be continued.
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22 Aug 16
I too have interest in space world and so love to study geography