Here are my 6 videos i did about the Alessia Cara concert.

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August 21, 2016 4:41pm CST
Friday, August 19, 2016 This Vlog is the 2nd day of the Endless Summer Festival event at the Spectrum Center, in Irvine, California. This outdoor mall had Back to School shopping events and entertainment for young people and students getting ready for their school year. In this video, many young people have gathered on the faux grass area, since 4am, waiting for Canadian singer, Alessia Cara to perform at 7:30pm. The environment looks like a family version of Woodstock Festival. It was a hot August day, and I was glad that I wore my wide brim sunhat, as I walked around at the mall, waiting to report and record this event for the world on my iPhone6 before publishing it on Youtube. Live from Spectrum Center, Irvine, California, this is Fifi Leigh reporting in Irvine. Be sure to check out my next five videos about this event, in which it will be filled with music and singing, because I recorded this concert in shorter segments. Check out the following six Alessia Cara concert videos. I think she sounds like Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones. Day 2 of Endless Summer Festival video Part 1 of the concert video, which started at 8:30pm It is 8:30pm, and Alessia Cara arrived a little bit late because of traffic issues. But her fans are very excited that she finally arrived, and they can't wait for the concert to start. This video displays the first fifteen minutes of this thirty-minute concert. The Alessia Cara concert continues in this 5-minute video, Part 2 of the concert video. The Alessia Cara concert continues in this short 4-minute video, Part 3 of the concert video. The Alessia Cara concert continues in this 5-minute video, Part 4 of the concert video, which is actually the end of the concert. I finished putting together my sixth video, which is based on my snapshots taken at the Day 2 Endless Summer Festival concert event. When I finished I noticed that the time is 2:22pm. I just need to upload it on Youtube and add cool background music.
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