Why cant we be like begger...

@Alosri (80)
Hyderabad, India
August 22, 2016 10:59am CST
Weird question right?? I daily see a begger near to my pg. I often thinks what he might be thinking ...what is his dream... May be his only dream is to get food twice a day or may be once!!..He don't want to build big house,buy coastly cell phones,branded clothes,make his girlfriend happy,change his company and list goes end less..no need to pay credit card bill too Just imagine how would be our life if our only dream is to get food?? *We would have not run behind money. *We would have never left our parents alone in village and start earning in city. *We would have never ever cared whether your friend has iphone or your collegues staying in villa or how much salary your enemy is earning. *Every engineer would had become an artist or Dancer or actor or sportsman (something which we are passionate about) Just imagine happiness in place of money for a sec..what if u get paid in terms of happiness instead of money.. U work for a month and inturn they ll pay u happiness... Ha ha not possible right?? They why we are running behind money and becoming materialistic??? Lets not live for money,let us love people not things...Lets us not judge people by the things they have, by the money they earn,by the place they stay... What you say...can we stay like a begger... What comes to your mind when you imagine it...Isn't his life is cool????? On the other way what is that life without aim?? without passion..? Will you opt to be like a begger and live only for food and shether or the other way around....tell me your opinion in comments below...
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• Dublin, Ireland
22 Aug 16
hmmm..... you are right but it could be right because we cannot live without money .... so thats why it true running behind money and become materialistic.
@Alosri (80)
• Hyderabad, India
23 Aug 16
Why can't we earn just to fulfill our 3 needs of life, why we need iphone,villa,and top restaurant food??? Yes.. Whatever we discussed. At the end of the day money is important.
@Bluedoll (17050)
• Canada
22 Aug 16
This has so much in it. I wonder too. Trouble is not all beggers are beggers? Not all beggers are the same because no two people are the same. How can we walk in their shoes if they have shoes. Goals do become simple. From what I've seen and perhaps in some small way experienced is that on that level they exist there because they are not wanted anywhere else. Or at least they feel that way. The aim is only at their foot.
@PurnaSharma (2175)
• India
22 Aug 16
We can't split these things because things are meaningless,which are beyond our understanding.Could you ever understand the luxuries of world richest person,the luxuries they are utilising are meaningless to us.And whatever proved meaningful,we start accelerating our willingness to get that.