Daring To Be Different

By Dena
August 26, 2016 11:18am CST
We always here the phrase "Why fit in when you are born to stand out?" I agree completely however not everyone does. However standing out can be little to large quirks about a person. For instance this kid in my class greets the teacher every morning in a sickeningly sweet manner that makes me want to barf personally. He also wears suits everyday to college classes. I understand you want to make a good impression but my gracious calm the hell down! I may not like his enthusiasm first thing in the morning but that doesn't mean others don't enjoy it. I have been described as the most intelligent person this clinic has met which included the veterinarians. Why they think that is beyond me but it kind of made me think....uhhh....the veterinarians are a heck of a lot smarter than myself. Who knows. But what I do know is I rub people the wrong way with my enthusiasm and knowledge. Which makes it difficult to find a good job that you can keep. You always make someone insecure which in turn could cost you your job in the end. For example the clinic I worked for....the head vet tech talked about things that were inappropriate in front of clients such as orgies and murdering and hiding the bodies. I open my mouth to talk about getting an injection myself bc I wanted to guarantee the client I wasn't contagious and they move me out of a vet tech to a front desk personnel. Then when I greet the families and animals at the front desk they got mad and were going to move me to the kennel picking up dog poop bc I was just too happy for them. How is it a good thing to stand out when it can cost you your livelihood? I'm rather confused about this. So I left the clinic and now back in school. The problem is I will face this issue every where I go. It's good to make friends at a job, however be prepared for backlash from it. I just hate having to fight so damn hard and hate my jobs so much. I feel trapped while looking outside dreaming of all the places to be explored around the world. But then again you need money thus the job and I'm back to reality of hating the jobs. Plus you can't live on minimum wage unless you have like 3 jobs and then your so exhausted you have zero time to live bc all you do is waste away working yourself to death. How did this happen? I guess you could say I'm a little depressed. I dare to be different then end up with no job, or a minimum wage job due to cattiness of coworkers. I just want freedom to not worry so dang much. Anyone ever feel this way? Signing out~ The dared out depressed chick
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@CinnamonGrl (5766)
• Paradise, California
26 Aug 16
Well you either can work with others or become self employed, work from home, whatever fits you best. My niece is bipolar and has had a terrible time dealing with the stress that working with people puts out. So now she has gone to cleaning houses and she loves that. She always did take pride in cleaning her family's home, and this is how she's happy. I don't know any easy way to "fit in" with everybody out there. My brother in law has his own business because he doesn't like working with other people, he does heating and air. Sometimes he has to hire some young guy just to help him lift or something. You just have to find your place, and I bet you will.