My Top Ten Songs About Elvis: Big Train (From Memphis) (#1)

@FourWalls (16203)
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August 26, 2016 8:23pm CST
What a whirlwind day! Yesterday I worked, drove to St. Louis, saw a concert, came home today, and worked. I haven't had much time for myLot (although I checked the favorite music geeks' new work), but I'm home, rested up, and ready to finish off this series! This one is my favorite songs about Elvis Presley, and this particular song is my favorite one of my favorite songs about the King of Rock and Roll. #1: Big Train (From Memphis) - John Fogerty One of the things that I love about John Fogerty as a songwriter is that he is able to put multiple meanings into songs. The great CCR Classic "Bad Moon Rising" is as much about the political and social unrest of the late 60s as it is about "nasty weather." "Big Train (From Memphis)" is another one of those songs. You can take this song at face value -- it's a song about a train -- or you can go deeper and appreciate the song being a loving tribute to Elvis. Elvis was definitely the biggest train of all, when it comes to music: "Like no one before he let out a roar." The impact on Fogerty as a youngster ("each night I went to bed with the sound in my head, and the dream was a song") and everyone in general ("I'm telling you, when that Memphis train came through this old world was not the same") was amazing. And so's this song. Thanks for reading. Big Train (From Memphis) Written by John C. Fogerty Recorded by John Fogerty From Centerfield, 1985 Now it's gone, gone, gone:
Big Train (From Memphis) John Fogerty with Lyrics
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@teamfreak16 (42457)
• Denver, Colorado
27 Aug 16
I remember we played the hell out of this album. Great song. Nice Elvis-themed series!
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@JohnRoberts (66862)
• Los Angeles, California
27 Aug 16
Fogerty is the first generation specifically influenced by Elvis. An incredible songwriter.
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