Exhaustion of mind has no limits

August 28, 2016 10:00am CST
College classes from 9am to 3pm and then to MBA classes from 4 to 6 pm.This is how the last whole year has been the boy returned to his room ,he was frustrated and tired.In sweaty black shirt and brownish trousers,he opens the latch of the door entering inside the room.After keeping his bag on wooden bed ,opening the lights and fan,scattering the books which were kept on the shelves in anger.He sits back to think in the hot humid room what decisions I have taken in my past real life ,what impact have they made on him and what next I must take. A bookworm,who studies a lot for his MBA exams,he relaxed with his hands on his forehead,closing his eyes and gently pulling out his T-shirt.Suddenly the light goes out and in darkness he remembers the days of college when he was in football team and won the college finals. Picking his tiffin box kept at the door,he doesn't even realises that learning cooking is a necessity.He sat to eat and thought to study again as the only thing which was left in life. Realising that college days are over and only few days left for final MBA exam. Studying through Internet he starts solve tough questions. 6-8 hours a day late till night uptil 3 in the morning he studies hard. Studying as if everything in the world is money.Getting higher amount of salary and packages is all that matters in the corporate world.The other boys tried to stop him saying ," You study too much,you are mad,just look at you,you don't have any etiquettes and manners". He slammed back,"Just go to hell you low quality IQ level morons don't you ever indulge with me". Frustrated, irritated and exhausted ,he tried to sleep keeping his head over his arms on the table.His muscles inside the head are cracking.Even while sleeping he is thinking about books.At last the date of exam has arrived. On that day,he didn't knew what to eat and what to drink.Fire in is head and with dirty coloured yellow pants.He wears his stinking socks and shoes.His head is full of tensions as he grabs up a black,a blue and a pencil in his pocket.He walks as If he is unstoppable. Sitting on the examination seat after tolerating the hot wind of the auto and documentation verification process at the examination centre, he thought about heavy preparation he has done over the past few months. The clock ticks as the exam starts,first of them is geometry, second of trigonometry and many others until the time has arrived for the tough ones.He sits with patience as 20 minutes pass away with no questions solved.Tasting the sour drop of sweat from the nose which came from forehead.He thought accuracy is more important than wrong answer. With just few minutes left he tried to solve as many questions.Feeling unsatisfied with his performance. As he keeps his pen-pencil in his pocket.Pushing harder his legs to launch his long butt in upward direction,he moves towards the washroom. Seeing his reddish face,and washing it with water ,Still thinking what would he answer about his mad behaviour over the past few months. Hungry and committed for the next attempt for the examination, he walks out from the examination hall towards a near by beer shop.Drinking he thought again that the day will come again when I will rule and the world will fall.The head of a robot will win over the heart of emotions.The Devil of the dark forces will win the battle. He returns to home and sleeps.
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@shubhu3 (15648)
• New Delhi, India
28 Aug 16
This happens.We should try to create a balance always no matter how hectic our schedule is.
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• Hyderabad, India
28 Aug 16
Students = Better Life
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@CinnamonGrl (6066)
• Paradise, California
28 Aug 16
Students have such demanding schedules. Honestly, I don't know how you do it. Or "they" do it I should say. Try to make some time to just relax and do something pure fun.
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