Ronald "BATO" Dela Rosa urging pushers and users to burn houses of Drug Lords

Pasay, Philippines
August 28, 2016 10:47am CST
This remark happened after days of Senate Hearing in which Leila De Lima have already told Bato Dela Rosa to be careful to the remarks that he is saying because this might be use as evidence to Bato and even to the President. It might cause repercussion and results, that people can misinterpret. Then the next day this issue about telling the pushers and users to burn houses of Drug Lords happened. Of course as usual this has been criticized again, it is just another criminal act. He apologize regarding this matter which is expected already and of course some defend as it is just a threat. In my surprise there is a video that he is giving religious advises. Credit from Jon Villamor I don't know if I should laugh or what because this right after giving cursing remarks about the Drug Lord. But honestly he has the capability to talk about spirituality that encouraging people to talk to God rather than taking drugs. I am hoping that he can also tell that to our President of the Philippines that he must talk to the Lord rather than Drug Lords. In which I hope he should STOP giving cursing words and threat to the suspects of Drugs and the Drug Lords.
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