Centralia, PA - As Above, So Below

One of five time capsules buried within the Centralia city limits
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United States
August 28, 2016 6:39pm CST
While there are many theories about how the fires under Centralia remain active there are some solid facts that can't be disputed. Located in Columbia County, Centralia was founded in 1866 and thrived because of the coal and the ease at which it was able to be mined. At its prime Centralia had over 2,000 full time residents, an almost non-existent crime level and a true sense of 'community'. Centralia changed in 1962 when a controlled burn of shrubbery, garbage and dead trees ended up breaking through one of the thin layers of asphalt and dropping down to the coal. Once that happened there was no way to extinguish it. Flooding the trenches and open sections of concrete proved futile because of the depth of some of the coal veins. Presently there are only two original buildings still standing along with a few houses. The population has dipped below 10 and when the last resident dies the county and state assume control. Some claim that the fire was started on purpose to force people out of the town without having to exercise eminent domain. Geologists estimate that there is enough coal in the main veins for the fire currently burning to continue for at least a hundred years. So, why not dig up sections of the town and try to flood everything? The fire has been burning since 1962 and has created a myriad of underground causeways; even though the ground is no longer hot enough to melt rubber tires on vehicles, there are sinkholes just waiting to open up. Centralia is just another small town tragedy; after the government started buying out the residents its fate was sealed. Was the Silent Hill franchise based on the happenings in Centralia? There are similarities but most of what made the township an endearing place to reside has been demolished. Photo Credit: Centralia Archives
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29 Aug 16
That is very sad. What a shame for that small community.